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Welcome to TR2's USSA team! 

TR2 prides itself on the depth of coaching experience. We have coached ski racers to the US Ski Team, World Cup and Olympic Ski Racing well as many NCAA Division 1 racers. We identify each athletes  ability and train them to the appropriate level. Not everyone goes to the World Cup but everybody we train can achieve a high level of achievement at the high school level. We do assure one thing. Once our ski racers move on the adulthood they will always remember the fun they had learning to ski race and being confident they will be one of the best skiers on any mountain for their entire life.   What more could you want?

TR2 Programs Overview

What are USSA, Central Division & Region 1

USSA is the national governing body of alpine/nordic skiing & snowboarding. USSA creates the rules for the sports, sanctions events, provides insurance and educates coaches, parents and athletes. There is an age based fee to join USSA

CENTRAL DIVISION is the branch of USSA from Ohio to North Dakota. It is half of the Rocky/Central Region. Within Central there are 4 smaller regions. Divisonal fee is paid with the USSA membership.

REGION 1 is our local branch of USSA. All athletes must register with Region 1 in order to compete in the USSA races. There is an age based fee to become a member of Region 1. Once you are a member you can register for races through the USSA website.


USSA-athletes will need a competitor membership in order to race. These are based on age. If you are not going to race then a General membership is all you need.  You must join USSA before you join Region 1
To become a member go to:, then click on Membership, follow the prompts to either become a new member or renew a membership.

REGION 1-based on the athletes' age you will either be Non-scored or Scored. You must register with Region 1 before you can sign up for a race.
Non-Scored: U10 (9yr old & younger)-U14 (12 & 13yr old) 
Scored: U16 (14 & 15yr old)-Senior (21yr +)
Fees: U10 & U12 $0, U14 & up $50
Race entry fees are paid for each race day that you wish to participate in. You can pay for the entire season or one weekend at a time.
Race fees are paid through the USSA website in the MyUSSA page under Athlete Event Registration. The cost is $10/day for Non-scored & $20/day for Scored



Volunteers are the heart of race day. There are many jobs that need to be filled each race day-usually 30-40 volunteers per day. Most jobs do not require any special license/experience to do. Some jobs require you to be on skis but several do not. There are indoor as well as outdoor jobs everyday. If there are not enough volunteers the race can't be run properly. Volunteering for an outdoor job will be a great way to watch your athlete up close while they are competing. You also get a lift ticket for the day. If you have questions about the types of volunteer positions please ask any of the TR2 coaches.

Typical USSA race day schedule

Race day schedules are always subject to change. This is due in large part to the weather & the amount of volunteer help on any given day.

6:30A  Race office opens & volunteers start to arrive
7:00    Athletes arrive & get ready
7:30    Lifts open & trainer courses open for athlete warm up
8:00    Inspection opens for athletes
9:00    Run 1 starts
12:00  2nd inspection begins
1:00    2nd race run starts
3:00    Race ends/clean up of hill